Standard Bank Sucks

This is with reference to my Standard bank account , which has been unduly debited after no agreement has been made with me.
Firstly I was unaware of such a clause before I decided to join the bank. Also, I specifically checked with your customer service consultants, Terms and conditions pages prior to me writing this letter and all that was said to me by the consultant when I called on Monday, was that, because you owe the bank they can do whatever and their is nothing that she can do and then she transferred to a line that just rang and rang with no answer. 
Let this be known that this is not the first time that I have encountered problems with standard bank. I find their service levels appalling, no sense of urgency, their internet capabilities, services and app functionalities just a disgrace. Since they are spending so much money on their adds, how about you try your best to service your customers. Or wait your customers are only as important as their next salary date when you have debited, inconvenienced someone.
I have made the biggest mistake of my life, by thinking banking with standard bank will actually relieve me from unnecessary bank charges but instead all they did is just leaving me out in the could and indebted.
I will make it a point that as soon as the matter is cleared, I will cancel all my accounts and those of my partner with this bank and go back to FNB cause this is just  totally completely wrong in all forms.
I am sure they don't need my services, they have plenty of other people they can defraud but i will devote 2 mins of my time everyday to inform my friends and family, colleagues abut standard bank on facebook and twitter about their services.