Taxi Ranking at ABC

Umlazi is one of South Africa’s second biggest township and has a wide variety of transportation.  The way the township is so dependent in taxis, various ranks have been erected for particular routes. The ABC and W sections have newly erected one. Will the opening of the taxi ranks evoke unwanted violent emotions?    

The township too also notoriously known for taxi violence. Various taxi ranks around the township have hit nose dives due to the opening of ranks. With the ABC taxi association will it end up a blood bath or will they deceive the odds?

The disgusting frenzy to be in power and that some taxi owners have and eventually costs most associations to close down.  The taxi business is a rough business to be in, drivers and owners fighting over routes and passengers regularly die in these instances.

Commuters round the areas of the new taxi rank are reluctant to even take the taxis and result to taking the trains and buses.  Some drivers do not like the rank, because it monitors on how much many a driver does. However before in a day, they would manage to make a great deal of money and have enough to pay cash up for two days.

In Umlazi, taxi owners and their families are often executed due to the routes and rank issues, Umlazi MNR section is a good example of the deaths of owners, drivers and passengers.  Let’s just hope that this new rank will grow, accommodate and be a success, for all commuters of the surrounding sections.