Thank you for the call

I submitted an article yesterday, which wasn't published, so I assume it might have been due to the crude language and the fact that I mentioned the company's name (I might have insulted it/them as well) or whatever.

So here is my polished version :

I received a call from a company selling clothes.  Let's say the store's name rhymes with Poschini... As a matter of fact, I received three phone calls in the month of July, offering a magazine at the cost of R20something...

Now, this doesn't even average a call a week, so why am I a "little bit irritated"?  Well each of these calls came after 19h30 in the evening.  Usually the time I'm getting my kids settled in for the night.  Despite making it abundantly clear, in the very first call, that I was absolutely not interested in a magazine filled with nothing but clothes and offers, the second and third call still came.

I handled the first two calls as politely as possible (seeing as these people are just doing their jobs), but the third call had me telling the "caller" exactly what she could do with her company's magazine.

My advice to this company :

You are p*ss*ng people off.  Don't phone them after 16h00, in fact don't call us at all.  Have this option available in-store.  Or if you HAVE to phone, do it once, and make a very clear note that the person you have phoned once, twice, THREE times (which had me acting like three times a drunken hill billy and not a lady) is not interested. 

Ii would like to see the statistics about how many people actually subscribe as a result of these phone calls.  The financials involved with these calls and the money earned as a result of people accepting these telephonic offers.  Does it make any sense, financially?

Unlike my unpublished article, I will end this decently.  Thank you for the phone calls, but I am not interested.