Thanks to my vote, Parliament will never be the same

Now that we know and have seen that Generations’ actors are more important than mine workers because our government decided to urgently intervene in the actors’ dispute with SABC/ Producers, let us look briefly in our Parliament.

Anarchy and Breaking the law

The attitude of the lack of obedience to authority by the ANC for the past 5 years is the definition of anarchy. In this case we give a simple example of Public Protector giving Zuma 14 days to pay back the money and he didn’t even bother. This was not an allegation people, it was a finding and so it confuses me on how ANC secretary General Gwede Mantashe interprets the word anarchy. There are many other issues that displayed worst form of anarchy from ANC leaders and South Africans know about them while the DA never knew how to oppose or tackle them except talking until ANC members sleep in parliament and pocket home around R75 000 month end. The wrong doer in the Guptagate scandal we just heard is now working as an ambassador to Netherland, what do you call such things uncle Gwede? MKMVA and Jackson Mthembu do not scare us, what they said after we demanded their boss to obey the like any other citizen is anarchy and we are not threatened AT ALL.

The cause of the latest ‘chaos’ in Parliament

We cannot continue to be scared of the wrong doers and people who are just ignorant in the ANC. If you visit a doctor and tell him that when you are exposed to dust you get flu and you ask him/her: Doctor, how can I avoid flu? Then you are an idiot. You simply avoid dust so that you don’t get flu. NOW this is exactly the same as when you blame EFF for latest parliamentary disruptions. Had Zuma and his ANC answered the question properly, where was the EFF going to get power to do what they did? The so called president just answered by saying, “I have answered”, what the hell is that? He may well do that to every question if he likes and he is good at avoiding questions. He can just tell us that, I told Zweli Mkhize that answer yesterday over the phone while I was on my way to Durban and then the public just accept that is alright it means he has answered. That is nonsense. The EFF isn’t done yet with the arrogant ANC.

ANC arrogant for long

We acknowledge the DA is useless. The reason why people were not interested in parliament is because the ‘opposition’ supports NDP which is the policy of the ruling party and that makes it difficult to have opposition.

Now the ANC is trying to expel Julius Malema everywhere.

Now that is when they will see that some of the people are still in their regalia but actually voted for the EFF. We will bring half of our voters to parliament. Who expelled them when they were not doing what other parties liked or when they were not obeying the law and avoiding questions all the years? These ANC people think that we are not watching the parliament proceedings and they are in for a big ride, we aren’t done yet. How can Malema be expelled in parliament by ANC after they successfully expelled him from their party? EFF leaders are not there because of the ANC vote or employment.

As EFF member, I feel well represented in parliament

Several ANC leaders claim that those who voted EFF are ashamed, that is completely wrong statement. Our anniversary was well attended. How can we feel ashamed when out of every 10 people only 3 thinks EFF was wrong to demand Zuma to pay? Some in the ANC itself and other parties also agree with EFF and so no way we can be ashamed, we feel proud. ANC must know that as EFF member, what is currently happening in parliament is what I voted for, make no mistake on that one. This is not ANCYL that you can just tell what to do, when and how.

Speaker of parliament

There is no doubt that this one needs a serious intervention now. On that faithful day, there were many problems with the machines that select who should ask a question first. My Commander-In-Chief complained before asking a question that the speaker is the only person who sees who is next and a total number of follow up questions must be 4. The CIC said he pressed the button immediately after the original question was answered by Zuma but only to be told he as number 6 and 7 as EFF and cannot ask a question. Only the speaker sees who can ask next, is this democracy? Before that, two AGANG members were called to ask follow up questions only to find that they did not press any button, this is ridiculous. The other MP had to use someone else’s ‘thing’ (he wanted to say machine) because his ‘thing’ was not working. How do you then trust the speaker with such issues? PLEASE GIVE US SOMEONE NEUTRAL AS SPEAKER, A RETIRED JUDGE WILL DO AND WE DON’T WAT A RETARDED JUDGE OR BOTH RETIRED AND RETARDED JUDGE, WE NEED A SOBER RETIRED JUDGE TO BE SPEAKER OR PRESIDING OFFICER. YES, BECAUSE SOME OF THE JUDGES RETIRE RETARDED.

IT IS NOW UNTIL JULIUS COMES…We told you so Gwede and your people.