The ANC’s power losses to be discussed.

The ANC Youth League is going to discuss the power losses of the ANC at their national congress which is to take place on the 24-28th September in Midrand. The concern within the Youth League being where the ANC would be in 30 years time, and or whether it would be and only exist as an opposition party.

This is one of its discussion points that are on the agenda that deals with the future of the ANC and the Youth League.

This amongst other matters will be heavily debated in the national congress, and is but one of the four matters under the theme ‘will the ANC govern forever?’

One of the greatest challenges that the ANC is facing on a daily basis and characterizes it at the moment is corruption, greed and self-interest.

The Youth League don’t agree with Zuma’s point of view that the ANC ‘would rule until Jesus comes’

The loss of political power could be because of the growing discontent of the maladministration, mismanagement and the loss of public confidence and can also be ascribed as the rejection of the transformation and development ideologies, would be debated.

The League says, to prevent this, the ANC leaders in government need to react to its citizens, especially the youth and their wants.

The ANC and the Youth League is being weakened through the factions and the divisions within itself and that is a fact.