The Blackface Paradox

Anyone not yet familiar with the ‘Blackface” debacle from earlier this week may refer to the article on the link below.

Two students are allegedly guilty of racist behaviour due to dressing up as domestic workers during a private party.

Are they the only ones, though, who have made themselves guilty of racism during this incident?

Most definitely not!

SA Sudents Congress (SASCO) president Ntuthuko Makhombothi is also guilty of perpetrating racism during this incident.

Refer to his comments in the above-mentioned article: “It is clear to us that the white community assisted by institutions of white privilege, like UP, are teaching white youth to disrespect and poke fun at black suffering.”

There is definitely evidence in the photograph in the article to suggest that the two students are guilty of racism, but there is hardly enough evidence in the photograph to support Makhombothi‘s statement. In his statement, he groups all whites together on the basis of their skin colour and discriminates against the group as a whole. This is pure racist prejudice.

The South African Bill of Rights dictates that no person may be unfairly discriminated against on the basis of race; however SASCO president Ntuthuko Makhombothi clearly denies this right to whites. It can hardly be called fair to discriminate against all whites in general due to the actions of two students.

Are we then to assume that SASCO is a racist organisation concerned with undermining the rights of white South Africans?

This is only one incident. The media is, however, littered with similar examples. Black racism is rife in South Africa, perpetrated by black individuals who often commit racism in the very same statement in which they try to portray themselves as the victims of racism. The ANC propaganda machine may deny this, however any person with slight intelligence and education can recognise this truth for him or herself.

You may call a pig a donkey as many times as you want, but anyone who looks at the pig will know that it is, in fact, a pig.

The SA Human Rights Commission launched an investigation into the blackface incident on Thursday. It would be interesting to see whether they extend their investigation to Makhombothi‘s statement, as this would be a clear indicator of whether they are concerned with human rights in general, or only the human rights of black individuals.