The Fastest Growing Religion in the World

The race for our souls is neck and neck between Islam and Hinduism! I am sure that Christianity would love to be amongst the front runners, but ever since it was smashed into little pieces by Martin Luther we have had to classify the 33,000 offshoots as separate mini-religions on their own.

Let’s be rational here. A Protestant is as hell-bound for hell as an atheist is (according to the Catholics). Or the Catholics are as hell-bound for hell as the gay man is (according to every none-Catholic splinter group). In the Christian spectrum, everyone is going to hell except your own particular church, so please let’s agree that we cannot bundle all so-called Christians into one camp.

And that puts them right at the back of the queue when it comes to Divine growth. At the moment Islam and Hinduism are the cool kids on the block! Buddhism is within a nose of the front runners, and is claiming fantastic growth in America. Jesus, sadly, is dying. Isn’t it ironic? Everyone was expecting a second coming but instead we get a second death!

What is pertinent and well documented is that the more educated, successful and free a country, the less inclined they are to be fooled by smoke and mirrors. Hence these countries have the highest growth of atheists (lower-case ‘a’, we are not a religion).

Allow me to humour you for a second. If you could magically choose one of two birth countries for your unborn great children, which would it be?

Atheist Sweden, or Christian Nigeria?

I thoughted so!