The Imperfect God

This extract is lifted from my lecture entitled Blinded by Religion. The full lecture will be available for purchase from Amazon on Friday 22 August 2014.

If there is only one God, then he must be both the best, and the worst sort of God.

It's all right and joyous when God is good. However, the worst side of this God is detrimental to man. It is the side which man's limited mind seeks to understand when it reaches that boundary between the known and the unknown, by invoking the super powers of an intelligent creator. There is no ounce of truth in the saying: God works in mysterious ways. What it actually is, is a dead-end in human thinking. It is a mere fact that the God of the Christian faith, as represented in the Bible, was clueless about perfectionism in his creation of the universe and man. He is far from perfect and has no idea of intelligent life. For if earth was created intelligently, it would not have disasters that obey the laws of nature and physics. A sheer number of asteroids hurtling towards earth, trespassing its path and threatening to collide with it is not intelligent design.

Since nearly all of animals species that ever lived before went extinct, it doesn't show signs of intelligence. Tornadoes wipe out everything in their paths, destroying lives. Earthquakes swallow whole towns and take lives. A tsunami can wipe off a quarter of a million people. All these and more, show that earth is just like any other cosmic body and God had no input or contribution in designing it to man's advantage.

The fact that there are no known life forms on other planets does not make life on earth any more special. The weaknesses of man, who is supposed to be unique and intelligent than all other animal species, tell a different story. Now what would make man special is if man was immune to all kinds of diseases. An intelligent designer will not create a structure so wrecked with incurable diseases and regenerative tissues. What would make God intelligent would be if man had the ability to grow severed limbs back in a short time. It would be if man had a lot more senses of the human body than the ten he can currently perceive. It would be if man had the ability to grown sex organs that allowed him to reproduce without the aid of the opposite gender. It would be if man biologically depended on his own source of food to sustain his metabolism. As man now stands, he is virtually blind and deaf compared to less intelligent animals under his rule. There are colours man cannot see; sound he cannot hear; vibrations he cannot discern; gases he cannot breathe; plants and animals he cannot eat. There is a limit at which the human body can run, and limits to cold and hot temperatures he can endure. All these limits point to so low and inferior a being and deserve no special accolade attributed to God.

So God is imperfect as the humans he create in his image.