The Solution

The solution to the problem

Decisive action

Recently I decided to take action and no longer wait on guidance from government or anyone else claiming authority over us.

It is plain and simple we the people are being misled by those in power for their own gain. It is not about you or me the people it has become what is in it for the powers that be.

All this is being done with our hard earned tax money. We are allowing ourselves to become enslaved to draconian practices that are not the will of the people. Constant lies and misrepresentation about how our hard earned money is being spent.

All the evidence is widely available and much more seems to becoming to the fore at a rapid rate. Unfortunately it takes society along time to act in unison often to late to have a visible impact and resistance is met with furious action from authorities we put in place. 

The answer is in self sustainable communities. The creation of a community that will not be reliant on government handouts or assistance. A community that will rely on the energy of the sun as opposed to paying ridiculous electricity rates and being subjected to power cuts we have no control over. The banking practice in this country especially financing is all a big lie as recently witnessed with the securitisation scandal.

All that is happening is they are rolling money from one entity to the next at our expense with us paying huge transaction fees and interest to allow this.

The fat cats at the top are creaming so much of the profit this seems to be true not just in private but also government sectors. The model used is a simple psychological illusion of grandeur. The haves are getting more and the have nots are getting less. The gap between rich and poor is growing rapidly. 

The solution we are currently building is not based on socialism or feudalism rather more along the lines of the kibbutz system.

The idea however is to use privately owned land and not to prescribe to ideologies such as land grabbing or other practices designed to take from one to give to another. 

For this purpose we have now gained access to a prime property and currently we are running a homeless shelter on it.

The plan of action is to eventually assist people coming from the streets that have lost all hope. The people that are currently losing their jobs and homes due to restrictive practices put in place by the government of the day. We have set up a plan of action and we are busy implementing phase one as I write here.

Should we find this to be a workable model by first of all raising the funds to purchase the property outright so we do not owe anyone anything. The second phase is to set the place up for industry for the people from the people. The loosely based idea is currently to set up a solar manufacturing plant using some of the products found on our other site   

The support for the initial launch of the project is through public participation. Kindly see   This model has been carefully thought through and is worth the effort. I realize that once again we are opening ourselves up to some nasty comments on here but so be it. This is the current plan of action instead of sitting around and waiting for a solution to fall from the sky. If this does work by the grace of the almighty  we intend implementing similar projects in other areas of this awesome country.