The Truth of Genesis: When Was The Beginning, And Has The End Begun?

When was the beginning?  The beginning of what?  Billions of other universes were created by God (Yehovah) beginning quadrillions of Earth years ago.  Our universe, which is the last, was created 4.6 billion years ago, starting with the planet Earth.  Genesis, in no way whatsoever, implies that the Earth and universe are only 10,000 years old.  That is the foolishness and false doctrine of “young Earth” (Creation Science) creationism.  Adam, who was made in 7200 BC, was of the sixth era of mankind created by God, which began the fifth week of restoration.  “Old Earth” creationism compromises with scripture, and pretends that there is no literal way to accept the Genesis text.  Their purpose is to present Genesis as figurative fiction, rather than factual history.  Both sides have refused to entertain the truth, and are perhaps Jesuits with an agenda to discredit the Bible and disrupt Protestantism.

It was speculated by me that there would be a sudden, global, noticeable start of the seven year tribulation on August 6th 2014, which was the ninth day of the fifth month (Av).   As you now see, I was wrong.  However, if you live in Liberia and/or West Africa, the planned Ebola outbreak started a wave of tribulation around that timeframe.

It was not clear whether there were 20 or 21 observed impacts upon the planet Jupiter, by the comet Shoemaker/Levy 9.  Perhaps the seven years have begun as a gradual slide into total chaos, to erupt full scale on about the July 25 – 27 (2015) timeframe.  I don’t know.  But I felt the need to warn others in case the “hammer fell” this year (2014) in August.  However, there is no question in my mind that some sort of major event or severe trauma will begin next July (2015).  We won’t know the exact date until the renewed Moon is sighted in Jerusalem on about July 16, 2015.  What concerns me now is the possibility that things will get steadily worse until next July, or if will it suddenly spike in July 2015.

I have not read of any prophecy from the Bible concerning kingdoms in the Western Hemisphere.  It is expected that Israel will stand alone when attacked by the armies of the anti-Christ.  But what will have become of America during that time?  Can America retain its (once Christian) national sovereignty and Bible prophecy yet be fully fulfilled?  Since the Bible is quiet concerning the “New World”, is it possible that we have a measure of control concerning our future?

After decades of refusing to teach the truth of the origins of humanity in our public schools, we now have atheists, the ungodly, fascists, globalists, Muslims, and members of secret societies that are now running our country.  An intelligent Christian nation would have impeached President Obama when he first bowed down to Muslim kings. That was against American law. An intelligent Christian nation would have quickly impeached Obama when it became evident that he lied about being a Christian, and that he believed in traditional marriage.  President Obama himself said that “The only ones that are afraid to disclose the truth, are people that have something to hide”.  Why is President Obama afraid to disclose the truth about Benghazi?  Why is Obama afraid to disclose the truth about the purpose of opening the Mexican-USA border?  Why is Obama afraid to disclose the truth about his birth certificate?  Why is Obama afraid to disclose the reasons for exalting the Muslim religion, and failing to protect Christianity both domestically and abroad?  I saw enough evil in this White House administration to vote against it in 2012.  Why couldn’t enough of other Americans do the same?  Is this the America you wanted, and thought you were voting for?

Why haven’t the members of Congress acted against this evil regime?  Is it because they are evil and corrupt themselves, and “the kettle can’t call the skillet black”?  Both the Democrats and Republicans have been paid off by bribes to help usher in the “New World Order”, and a one world religion.  An intelligent Christian nation would “clean house” and reclaim the ideals upon which this nation was founded.  It would not be enough to just to impeach Obama, but also his whole administration, and all the liberals and progressives in Congress and the Supreme Court.  What we now have is the result of (only) teaching evolution in our schools, and school boards hiding the truth of Genesis from our students.  School boards have destroyed our nation, by excluding the truth of the origins of Earth and humanity, inserting perversion in the minds of our children, and eliminating allegiance to “God and country”.  We need to put God back into our schools and back into our government.

Why is it that a growing number of churches are being “state run”, refusing to preach against sin and government corruption?  Why is it that (Jesuit, Freemason) pastors and preachers, pretending to be Protestants, are more concerned about losing financial support, than saving the souls of mankind?  Their churches have become “country clubs”, and not institutions of salvation.  What was a sin 100 years ago is still a sin today.  Jesus told us in Luke 17:33, that “Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it;”.  In other words, those that compromise the gospel, or try to appease the evil masses in order to “save” their life or livelihood in this present world, shall burn forever in the Lake of Fire come Judgment Day.

When will the beginning of the end come?  If the seven years of tribulation hasn’t started already, for certain it will come the latter part of July 2015.  Just like the Jews during the reign of Hitler in the last century, those that profess to be Christians are now being killed in the Eastern Hemisphere.  How long before such is the case in the Western Hemisphere?  It appears that President Obama is trying to bring that about.

It will be a severe sad scenario if those that think they are Christians are killed, and “in Hell they lift up their eyes”.  The disciples of Yeshua were what the world now calls “Jesus Only”, or “Apostolic Pentecostal”.  The 325 AD Council that Constantine convened gave birth to a national apostasy of Christianity for outsiders, with occult (Luciferian) worship for the inner circle.  When Protestantism began, it still held on to the false Trinitarian doctrine, which prevented its members from obtaining remission of sins.  Water baptism must be in the name of Jesus (Yeshua), else we are yet in our sins.

Herman Cummings