The Tukkies debacle - maids in the kitchen

The TUKKIES issue – White maids in the kitchen

What a victory for the politically correct slave market .   The entire issue can be seen as a storm in a tea cup (  However, upon careful scrutiny I somehow see warning lights in that it contributes to pave the way for South Africa to become a dystopian state as opposed to our dream of attaining an utopian state.

I have here on my desk a book entitled The Official Irish Joke Book/The Official Jewish Joke Book by Larry Wilde.  The book was first published in 1974.  What is striking in this book of humour is how the Jews and the Irish can laugh at themselves and at others and together with others laugh at everyone.  I feel that if we South Africans can start laughing at ourselves, at others, and all together as a people laugh at us as people the sooner we will defeat the racist politically correct lobby, get our lives and spirit in order and make South Africa an utopia instead of a dystopia.

My sentiments to the two girls are simply girls ignore those out of touch with true life, keep your sense of humour and get successfully on with your lives.