The West is sinking! Abandon ship!

Many people can plainly see how Western politics is failing, but it is not so apparent to those who don’t yet (or never will) see Western politics from the outside looking in. This article is a necessity more than an essay.

When faced with the dilemma of life aboard a sinking ship, one can either in solidarity or defiance go down with the ship, or (should opportunity allow) transfer to another ship. I chose the latter action three-and-a-half years ago, and I now watch with sorrowful eyes as my civilization sinks into obscurity.

Western constitutional democracy (the republic) was the cure for Ancient Greek democracy (a political lynch mob). But in the latter part of the last century we have seen this shiny new political vehicle of human civilization being abused and neglected until it became a rusty, backfiring wreck that just needs one more uphill before it completely breaks down.

We have Liberalism to thank for the lack of maintenance to the Western political vehicle, and it will only get worse as Liberals forcefully take the wheel and drive this vehicle into a ditch, or worse, a tree!

I, too, was once proud to call myself a Liberal; when I was but a foolish adolescent not even certain of what the term ‘Liberal’ truly entailed. I first had to endure years under a conservative system to see the flaws in the Liberal one I grew up in and had adopted wholesale without comparison or contemplation. And I am sure that in this vein most Liberals persist.

And while they would call me an expat and a defector, I prefer to call myself a foresighted refugee. I am here because I don’t want to be there where you Liberals roam, and should you ever come here I will fight you first with my pen first and, finally, my teeth, should it come to that.

Before I chastise Liberalism (and Liberals), let me demonstrate what you will have to face in the absence of Western civilization.

The alternative to Western civilization is hell!

The day Western civilization falls is the day that Communism will again surface and overtake as the global standard. Russia and China are so closely allied that they have been having unprotected political intercourse for decades now.

Russia with its latest meddling in the Ukrainian crisis has completely shown itself to be anti-Western as far deep as the marrow within its bones. Do not think that because the Russians are predominantly Caucasian, that they are of the same tribe.

You have more in common with President Robert Mugabe than you do with the average Russian or Chinese Communist. At least Mugabe is a product of Western democracy, and his madness is a predictable and familiar kind of madness which I promise you you will look back on with nostalgia should you wake up in a Russia-China led global capitalist system—the reality of which is becoming more and more likely by the moment.

What is causing the collapse of Western civilization?

Western society is what is dragging Western civilization.

Society, by the way, is merely what we call the behavior of all the various groups of people who comprise Western civilization.

If Western civilization is the car, then Western society is the engine driving that car along.

You can see signs of a society’s eventual collapse in the quality of conduct it describes as ‘entertainment.’

If one understands that reality, how deprived and stupid must the common Westerner be who helps to lift the likes of Kim Kardashian and Miley Ray Cyrus and Justin Bieber to the levels of wealth and fame and influence they now enjoy?

Reflect on that thought and ask yourself if you would trust people like that to choose our politicians, or, god forbid, the president!

These ‘celebrities’ (though they represent nothing worth celebrating except the sort of complacent, useless rot that Liberalism produces) are worshipped by Liberals who aspire to attain the same levels of fame and fortune with even less effort and ability…

And Liberalism is like a snake that eats its own tail, and as it gets fuller, it does not realize that it is committing suicide in the process!

The modus operandi of Liberalism

If donkeys could vote, you would find Liberals telling them how badly they are being exploited in pulling a cart, and how much better life would be for them with handouts from the rich and leisure time aplenty in which to spend it, if they simply aligned their vote with the Liberal agenda next election.

That is Liberalism in a nutshell!

Liberalism does not seek to compete and win based on excellence, instead it goes for the easy vote, the sympathetic vote, the emotional vote from growing numbers of people who have successfully been brainwashed into accepting an ideology of dependence by the slow and steady rhythmic chants of Liberal ‘values,’ which advocate such baseless concepts as ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’ and ‘prosperity’ for all.

This is the part of reality in a global environment of scarce resources that Liberals and the Liberally-inclined cannot deal with. They do not want to hear that hard work, self-discipline, education, and a bit of give and take are the means by which we rise to the top of the heap and enjoy the rays of success that those who surrender at the bottom of the heap will never enjoy.

The Liberal agenda would be the ideal if we lived in a world with limitless resources—enough to satisfy everyone’s greed—at which point there would be no need for cooperation (the very definition of civilization), because there would be no imbalance of ability and, thus, need for collaboration to ensure mutual benefit.

A lesson in economics

Let me demonstrate this clearly with a very simple example that you will see in practice everywhere in the West:

Bill has a bit of money because his father died and left everything he had earned in his lifetime to his only son. Bill can only do one thing: convince other people that they need to buy whatever he is selling. Bill is, thus, an excellent salesman, but sadly he is no craftsman, so he needs someone to make the furniture he sells in his store.

Jeremy is a craftsman employed by Bill, and basically sells some of his time and crafting skills to Bill at a recompense he deems acceptable. J

Both bill and Jeremy, in the course of their lives, will move forward and become more successful because of their mutual dependence and economic cooperation.

But in the Liberal fantasy, I would have half my bosses money because I am ‘ENTITLED’ to enjoy life in the same capacity he does, irrespective of the imbalance of resources that have always (and will always) exist between humans.

Western Capitalism was the first—and to date remains the only system—to realize the value of this form of mutually-beneficial cooperation exactly because it stopped ASCRIBING a value to people based on race, class, or religious affiliation. Instead, people could determine their own value by being of service or producing something of use to society. Each person became the master of his own destiny—and therefore needed no Liberals to represent them in government…

Meanwhile, Russian and Chinese Communism remains more than happy to decree the lives and efforts of people working on farms to be equal to the lives and labors of the common pig, and god forbid that the ‘all-knowing’ leader deems a certain race, class, or religious affiliation even less valuable than a pig—for those people will never be able to rise in a Communist system.

See the difference?

The cure for Western Liberalism (and the salvation for Western civilization)

I used to poke fun at the Conservative’s reliance on ‘the family unit,’ but I now realize that my criticism and mockery of this core value of Conservatism was made in ignorance. I have seen no better system that imparts on every generation the motivation for co-dependence and, thus, cooperation than the concept of ‘the family unit.’

Western Liberalism is a freedom of such excess that children become free from the need to be disciplined by their own parents, schooled by their teachers, ranked by their peers, and inculcated into the structures of the economy where they would be of use to society.

The Liberal ideology rebels against authority, distrusts instruction (or education), seeks comforting emotions rather than the tempering process of competition, and ultimately hopes to partake of successes far beyond what has been earned—basically reducing ‘success’ to common theft.

Conservatism strives to retain the ‘old ways’ and those dying values such as respect for authority, excellence in effort, reverence for education and knowledge, awareness of responsibility to self and service to others (cooperation), and revulsion for substandard individuals in society—the likes of which Western society readily transforms into celebrities.

See the difference?

The tried and tested ‘old ways’ of Conservatism have are superior to these brash and irrational and dependency-inducing ‘rights’ and ‘freedoms’ that Liberalism tries to impart on anything that can sign a ballot paper, and to gain exactly that favor!

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