The disappearance of Pallo Jordan

Pallo Jordan seems to have disappeared from pretty much everywhere, and although he has been proved a liar, some kudos must go to him for having had the courage to actually step down now that his lies have been exposed.

Now if the rest of the lying thieving lot would do the same, not only would the ranks of government be severely depleted, but maybe, just maybe, some of those who actually can do the job of leading would be able to do so.

It is universally known that politicians in general bear a very close resemblance to bananas – they’re not exactly straight and many are yellow. Yup quite right – means they’re cowards. Way too many have gone soft - and rotten.

So, in a strange way, Pallo Jordan should be commended. Now we just need the rest of the bunch to follow suit, and not only own up to the lies, many of which have in fact been exposed in the public domain, sometimes for years, but to follow his example and resign. Imagine that !!

Hey – we can dream, I’m just saying….