The extent to which some people will go to just to achieve their goals………

It is with utter amazement that we on a daily situation witness to what extent some people will venture into just to be able to achieve some kind of goal in their personal agenda for another.

People on a daily basis are being named and blamed for being corrupt in their ambit of responsibility and many of these accusations are being made without any substantiating evidence to back it up.

The norm has become so bad that people will do anything to add to the detriment of others and ironically it is not that they want it, it is just that they don’t want whoever to have it.

Have we lost our sense of dignity, and have we become these self-righteous (sanctimonious, smug, self-satisfied, pompous, haughty) members of society where we can’t see the sun to shine over any other individual?

We have lost all that is important – our dignity, our respect, our trust, and all of these just so that we can be ‘number one’.

This is indeed a sick society where we have lost on all our humanity and everything that is synonymous to it, and it is with the greatest of regret that we have to admit that we have become so self-centered and only concerned about our own self, that we have lost perspective of others around us, who also deserve the same amount of dignity and humanity.

There is indeed a place under the sun for everyone and denying people this privilege is so self centered and speaks of jealousy of the worst kind that one can imagine.

On a daily basis people are talking and what makes it so sad is that they are not talking about the good of mankind, but they are concentrating on the bad. People have stooped so low in society that they delve on the bad and do not want to hear of the good. The bad has become so sensational that we thrive for our daily dose of it, and basically don’t have any concern whatsoever for the good that is also evident around us.

When items appear on the electronic and or published media it is the bad things that people talk about and the good, hardly gets any mention in conversation and or in the media at hand.

The daily news hardly ever tells us about the good in people, and the bad, is what is prominent and sensational, and so sad to say, that is what we want to hear – how ironic that we strive on the bad, instead of learning from the good.

We need to have some kind of introspective (thoughtful, meditative deep in thought, pensive, reflective) look into our own self. We need to take stock and start to see the good in others and stop being so concerned only to hear or see about the bad – we need a better society and can only achieve this by being respectful, trust worthy, and be people with dignity, self respect and clout. (influence, power, pull, authority, weight, sway, effectiveness).

That will make us all better human beings.