The incurable pain

This is something I have to share with whoever is willing to read it. 

Many try and shy away from topics like these but please do not think that I am venting issues on social media, I am basically sharing my feelings on this matter.

Abusive men use their positions in life to make themselves feel important, at the expense of others. In this case, mothers and children suffer under these sick and disgusting men.

I believe it’s the lowest form of showing power. How can you be a proud human being when your wife and kids have to walk on egg shells around you?

Why should your wife and kids be petrified while asking a mere question?

One thing bothers me though… 

How could you live with the thought of beating your wife and kids, while it ferments in your mind for years?

We don’t have real leaders anymore and real leaders begin at home. 

We don’t have soldiers anymore, no men that will stand up for this.

Too many weak men sitting on their backsides being content with what they see. I don’t blame anyone for being desensitised by the idea of domestic violence but where is the initiative?

It irks me as to how the justice system claims to be stringent on this matter, when so many sick abusive men roam the street.

Many will close the window half way through these sentiments but for those who value family life and love, always know that this is nothing like you see in the movies or media.

It is a problem way more severe than that…