The reason why God will never make sense to atheists

News24, it seems, became a battle ground between atheists and Christians. For better or worse, I don’t know. I see people with high intelligence spending many hours typing away at insults, arguments and such trying to convince the other side of their own correctness.  The reason why these exercises in logic will never bear fruit is the fact that understanding God do not require your intellect, your cleverness or understanding logical fallacy. Understanding math, quantum weirdness DNA, evolution or gravity will not bring you one step closer to understanding God. You demand proof on your terms, forgetting that Reality could include so much more than a naturalistic worldview. Your desire for understanding God will never be able to satisfy because your approach will disable your ability to do so. You cannot, because you don’t know. You don’t know because you think you already know, and you think you know because you have answered your own questions. If you really, really want to know if God exist, why don’t you ask Him yourself? Forget everything you think you know and just ASK Him… He will answer. Just because it is you that need an answer, you yourself need to do the asking. You, and nothing less than the whole you is required to search for God. There is absolutely no argument available to convince you of the existence of God, because God wants a personal relationship, not an intellectual exercise.  Besides, being convinced is so trivial when compared with a real faith in God, and that is why God won’t make sense to the unbelievers. The only proof of the existence of God is inside you, the moment you want to dissect it and show it to the world you removed a very important ingredient, namely : YOU. So…next time you comment on an article, telling people how stupid they are, or that you demand proof, just think of this: maybe there’s a good reason you cannot understand, and that there is a very obvious way of setting this right. It worked for me.