The secret rise of communism in SA

Is it just me or is South Africa starting to look like a communist country? It is happening so slowly I believe very few people are even noticing it, Recently president Jacob Zama's trip to Russia is just another one of those moments where I am starting to seriously doubt the current leadership of the Anc. So are we the bad guys now? We are clearly in support of dictators like Muammar Gaddafi were in he's case and Fidel Castro and bedfellows with countries like Russia and China who is known for human rights abuses and mass murder of any type of dissent or civil disobedience. I do not like to draw comparisons but the death of  Andries Tatane reeks of a Political assassination like those frequently seen in countries like Myanmar and Russia it's state sponsored assassination. Mr Tatana was an opponent of the government and the Marikana mine workers were spreading dissent among the populace the result! a violent suppression. Now I believe Julies Malema and he's popular Marxist believes have thrown a bit of a wrench in the government's plans but it is clear laws like the state secrecy bill are just the tip of the iceberg as with what's to come I do hope that in my life time South Africa never again sees bloodshed like that of it's past, this is my opinion on this matter there is no substantial evidence to back up any of my claims and these view's are my own, agree or disagree with me it is of no concern to me while I hold the right to freedom of speech as set out in chapter 2 of the constitution set out by the bill of rights I choose to speak my mind while I still can!!!