The spy tapes

The past week was experienced a lot of hullabaloo about the tapes as if their contents where known to the Democratic Alliance. The Democratic Alliance is full of speculations, last time its member who is the mayor was called to the Arms Deal Commission and to my understanding it seemed she is retracting from the former allegations of corruption, why I am saying this, even the person who dismissed Msholozi from the position of Deputy-President due to corruption allegations, I heard him denying that the where any corruption or any wrong doing in the procuring of the arms. Mr Trevor Manuel also said there where no corruption. One just wonders where does the excitement about the the tapes comes from? If we can vividly recall events of 2009, our  President Jacob Zuma has on several times said "I will wait my day in court, and the truth will be told" does that not grant the man the benefit of the doubt that he might be saying the truth. You know life has a funny way of showing the truth, for Mbeki, Dellile and Manuel to be vehemently denying that there was no corruption in acquisitions of those arms after they accused Msholozi of corruption in the transaction of buying those weapons is really surprising. I am afraid that Zuma might have spilled some beans during his testimony to the National Prosicuting Authority, that now a different tune is being sung by his erstwhile detractors and for the Democratic Alliance you will be in a shock of you lives because the clean and the perfect will be exposed in those tapes. The reason I so crucially believe that Zuma has nothing to do with the arms deal saga is because during that period the President was a Member of the Executive Committee in KwaZulu-Natal and if you want to point fingers lets go to Mbeki as he was the second in command and the late Joe Modise who was the Minister of Defenceat the time. Some will be astonished why I do not bring Tata Mandela into this debacle is because when Mbeki was the President of the country and Mr Tony Leon the then leader of the Democratic Alliance wanted counsel with Madiba about the behaviour of the African National Congress in Parliament, Mandela referred him back to Zuma who was Mbeki's deputy. This shows to characters of Madiba from the many others he did posses, that he knew succession and delegating. So on this premise I will strongly say that during the buying of those weapons the bark stopped with Mbeki.Once more I am pleading with the Democratic Alliance just live Msholozi out of this issue as he was never associated with it from the beggining as we all know will agree with me that  he was exonorated from it during the Shabber Schaik trial. Let us for once just respect our courts' decision and not expect them to come with vedicts that are sentimental like we see the sesantions from one of the offices of the Chapter 9 institutions that we take as the vanguards of our democracy but end up been drawn into public mud slingering by our politicians.