There is true love

There is true love

By: Nosipho Ntombela

Growing up I was told that love conquers everything and anything. I knew that when there was love there was a way. I had this mentality that love was just this one thing someone could not leave without. Well that was until I grew up, then I heard that there are cases where love is not enough.  This came as a surprise because I knew love was patients, kind, caring, understanding, honest and does not keep the records of wrong.  Surprisingly I still believe that.

There are lots of things I believe about love. I believe everyone has that prince/ princess made for them in heaven. It fine you can say I watch too much movies maybe I do, but I know I do not need to watch movies to know that lot of us are confusing love with lust. That is lust if you say love is not enough, what happened to the love that will be enough for both of you? Tell me it is not lust if you say you love me but just enough to hurt me. Please do not say it tough love, love is never tough it is only sweet and warm.

I totally disagree with anyone who says there was love but not anymore what happened to that love? Love does not just go away. The word of God says love is eternal and it is a gift from God. The only problem we have with it is to rush it. We rush and force love. In many occasions I have heard people saying that I never loved my boyfriend but I learned to love him. You cannot learn something like this. This is like a mother and child relationship; it comes naturally to a mother to love her child. So it is with love, it should come to us natural.

If we say we will learn it chances are we might fail. Many relationships today fail not because the couple was not capable of loving, but simple because they tried to deny it was not real. People today date because someone said they look good together. You can’t build love on looks, money and reputation. That is not love but a business. That is the of type love that is not even if but only if. Only if I was with her/him then they will take me serious. What about even if I had only him/her but my world will still be complete.

According to the word of God in Song of Solomon chapter 2 verses 7, we must not stir or awaken love until it pleases. Let learn to be patients with love and trust our love to reveal itself when the time is right. Until it does know there is true love.