This is how to celebrate women……

Women’s day is on Saturday the 09th August 2014 - A Day when South Africa remembers the strength and resilience of women as they marched against pass laws in 1956.

It is also a month where women would be praised as mothers and caregivers – often the ones who care when men had failed to do so.

While being a caretaker and mother is a noble pursuit, women are much more than carers and the same praise should extend to those women who contribute in a different way by choosing careers over family, or who choose to have a career and children.

Twenty years into democracy it’s time that we should stop telling women what to do, what to be, whom to marry or what to wear. It’s a woman’s own choice and no one gets to stand in judgment.

So this year, let’s salute women for the choices they make, regardless of whether their choices fit into the old ideas of what women should be.