This is women's month

. Yet, women celebrate. But they are employed as temporary CWP workers working on the side of the roads and as kitchen ladies in schools wearing yellow overalls paid R566 a month. The reason for this government to hire only women in these temporary non-paying jobs is because women would take the lowest wages as compared to men. Only an ignorant person would see this as not sexism.

Well, another ignorant person would clap hands when the very same CWP women working on the side of the roads have signed a contract that tells them not to fall pregnant for two years of service or so they would loose their jobs if they fall pregnant. An ignorant would see this as not an abuse of women's rights.

The slave would remain a slave until a slave himself realised that i am a slave. A woman in the capitalist state remains a slave;

1- Used as objects to sell accessories for businesses, 
2- Used as property in relationships, 
3- Used in menial labour in industries and government,
4- Used as unpaid full-time workers in their homes, 
5- Used as punching bags by rich husbands
6- Used as tools of entertainment.

The unconsciousness of the masses, in the worst scenario, would keep them chained to the very same slave master. And if you can shoot and kill the slave master the slave would go and look for another slave master. This is because the slave does not know she is a slave.