Time to put an end to erotic music videos

When did we start being ok with soft porn being showed on television sets on a daily basis? By soft porn, I mean the erotic music videos with much profanity that is there for kids to easily access anytime of the day.

These things seem to be getting worse and worse each year.

Consider Niki Minaj’s video to her new song Anaconda. Ass shaking everywhere and the lyrics to that song are just as bad. The likes of Beyonce’, Lady Gaga, Rihanna etc are just as bad and are just a few examples of musicians in a music industry that is becoming increasingly pornographic with little or no regard to the effect that their content has on society at large.

We are living in a country where we are seeing an increase in sexual crimes, not only by adults but by minors too. We don’t need music videos like that on television planting impure thoughts in the minds of our developing youth. We cannot have a country that says it is against sexual abuse but simultaneously allows the broadcasting of such content which encourages that sort of behaviour. It is just not right.

Where are our broadcasting authorities? Are they comfortable with their kids watching those videos or are they part of some kind of group with an agenda to be allowing this to happen (just had to add a conspiracy theory into the mix).

Nevertheless, it has reached a stage where it has become unacceptable to keep allowing this to happen. For the sake of the youth and the country as a whole, we need to put an end to this material being screened on a daily bases.