Title...The ANC - all filib(l)uster, no substance

Ironically the ANC, led by prime minister Gweezy and his lackey Zizi Kodwa, have slated the EFF for bringing parliament into disrepute last week. When in actual fact, it is the ANC since 2008 that has brought the entire country into disrepute.

This article seeks to summarise this nefarious state of affairs, as I have watched the train wreck happen.

The Public Protector (PP)

The PP exists by virtue of the Constitution, and further, by a specific Public Protector Act. Various other acts of parliament and regulations associated with other legislation, make reference to the PP, for example, the Executive Members' Ethics Act.

Notionally, the PP works for the state, but does not report to any given minister or other functionary. Her remit is to investigate, report on, and state remedial action, as it relates to wrong-doing by any organ of state.

Her reports contain findings, not allegations, and she is authorised to state explicit corrective actions that shall be taken by those found to have erred. Not recommendations that may be used as guidelines.

Any state body or official who believes the PP has erred, is allowed to take their case to the High Court for review, and where successful, to have the findings and/or remedial measures set aside. Famously, Pansy Tlakula was of the opinion that Advocate Madonsela had made a mistake by pinning her for the IEC "Lease Deal", took the PP to court, and lost.

By and large, as an experienced advocate, one of the drafters of our constitution, and an all round smart person, it is very seldom that the current PP makes a significant error. Prediction: the next PP, to be appointed in 2016, is likely to be a complete idiot. But the current one is super smart.

Zuma's Response to the PP's Report, Secure in Comfort

On April 2, Mr Zuma submitted his one-liner "response" to the PP report to Parliament. Significantly, he had been given 14 days to do so (by law), and it took him exactly 14 days to comply. Hardly the actions of a man with nothing to hide, and nowhere a coherent, justifiable explanation for the creation of a lavish palace in rural KZN.

Laughably, Zuma failed to address the substance of Adv. Madonsela's report. Instead, he sent out his second team to bat for him. His security cluster ministers were said to be preparing a court challenge. PM Gweezy and one of his squeezas, Jessie Duarte, held a presser where the PP was roundly trashed. The ANC's chief whip, Stone Sezani, didn't even bother to read the report, he called it "that long thing", but felt he knew enough to launch a tirade. The ANC Youth League, long known to have a dearth of members who could possibly read, let alone understand the PP's report, let fly with a litany of unwarranted abuse.

In the meantime, bra Jake insisted that he would only provide a substantial response, once he had received the report by the SIU into the matter. (Why?) Anyways, last week he did so!

Zuma's Response to the Various Reports

They say that The Fat Zulu doesn't have much of an education. Well clearly, he understands the word "precis", because that is exactly what his response is. A twenty page precis of all the reports that have gone before.

Utterly laughably, he has provided scant recognition that the PP has nailed him quite badly, and instead, decrees that his employees, men who owe him for their very positions (and thus future careers), must make a determination regarding if and how much must be repaid.

Scarily, one of the criteria to be used in making such determination shall be culture. Yessir, because JZ is a Zulu, and has four wives and god knows how many pikkies running around his compound, he is somehow entitled to some relief.

In her report, the PP had stated, as one of the means of remedial action, that the police and national treasury shall discuss and determine the quantum of money to be repaid by the Zuma family, for items that were not of any security benefit at all. Not pass the job off to a buddy, as he has done.

Accordingly, the PP wrote a letter to the president. Or presumably to Mac Maharaj, with instructions to read it to the prez. In it, she explains the whole what-what, of how she is not sub-ordinate to the president, that her findings stand, and that the president is, technically, breaking the law by not adhering to the process laid down in, inter alia, the PP Act.

The ANC - Bluster, Filibuster, and No Substance

And so to parliament, where young Juju, as is his right as an MP, asked a legitimate question, did not receive an appropriate answer, and was promptly shouted down by the Speaker. But the Speaker is Baleka Mbete, another JZ squeeza, the ANC chair, and crucially, completely partisan. Damned if she wasn't going to protect her boss.

In the aftermath, instead of providing substance, that is, indication of when Zuma will comply with the PP's report and remedial measures, the ANC has gone back to the hoary old chestnut of process. There will be an ad hoc committee, the president will have to return to parliament, blah blah.

And of course, Malema and his chums have been lambasted for bringing parliament into disrepute. I don't like EFF politics too much, but for his actions on Thursday, big up Julius! It is only the ANC which has brought shame on parliament, over the last six years or so.

And at the same time, JZ has sent out the first team to bat... The ANCWL and Zizi Kodwa have now had their turn. Things were fun when Jackson was the spokesman for the ANC. From say 9am until lunchtime, he'd be reasonably coherent. Then around lunchtime, he'd hit the sauce, and if he said anything in the afternoon, it was good only for a laugh, and after 5pm, he'd be passed out, and you got nothing out of him. This Zizi guy is a different kettle of twak.

Predictably, following Thuli's letter, Sizani and Zizi have gone on the offensive. The PP needs to pay more respect. Whoever leaked the letter must be slammed. The letter itself may not be legal. (Oh really, a letter may be illegal? Fuck me.) There must be a parliamentary committee. Or "whitewash", if you prefer.

How much has been spent talking about the actual substance of the PP's report or her letter, or the totally inadequate response from Zuma? Nothing.

This is (y)our president, people. Our national embarrassment. The illiterate, innumerate buffoon. One wonders how much longer the ANC will put up with him.