True colours

It can never be said that living in Africa is boring. At the risk of causing offence to countless people, Africa is very colourful. No I‘m not talking about ‘those’ two colours, but just take a look out of the window, glance up from your smartphones and computers now that Spring is on the way, and actually look at the different colours. It’s a wonderful reminder of how different we all are, yet how it is possible to live in harmony.

However, that doesn’t really include the angry red mist which seems to be floating in front of the eyes of the ANC at the moment – oh wait that’s not mist at all, it’s the EFF. I always thought that red was regarded as the colour of anger, or danger, or a warning…… Hmmm, maybe that’s why Gwede Mantashe is getting hot under the collar.

It took the ANC 100 years to gain their freedom, and 20 years to severely damage our democracy.  And yes that does have to do with colour. No matter how many platitudes are spouted or panaceas applied, inevitably the true colours of a person, or in this case a party, will emerge.

In keeping with colour, there is a famous song by a colourful band, Pink Floyd, and the lyrics have never been more apt.

‘We don’t need no education.’ Are you listening Angie? Blade? Was that the plan all along? Keep them dumb so they don’t ask questions?

‘We don’t need no thought control’ could have been written specifically for South Africa, thinking of the proposed  Protection of Information Bill which is little more than thought control.

Ultimately, the final line says it all ‘All in all you’re just another brick in the wall’. The desperate sadness of that sentence is that right here, right now, that is a fact, for most of South Africa’s citizens.

Should the taxpayers finally all revolt, see red, and refuse to pay their taxes then maybe, just maybe, that wall would crumble and fall to show the true colours of this current poor excuse for a democracy.