Unique is the new normal

“Always remember that you’re unique. Just like everyone else.” ? Alison Boulter

If everyone in the world claims to be unique and a non-conformist than unique becomes normal. We as the current generation are so hell bent on being unique that we fail to see that this very uniqueness we proclaim has become the norm. I remember not so long ago on Facebook everyone was on the “I am doing me” tip; this theme was at first unique until everyone joined in and it became the norm. Today dressing up like some American teenager has become the norm; everyone is claiming they invented ‘swag’.  Who dictates what is normal or what is unique in our society?

Most of these ‘I am unique’, ‘ I am doing me’, ‘I am so real’, ‘swag droolers’ are not independent thinkers if I may say because they are constantly trying to emulate their favourite celebrities or artists; yet they claim to be trendsetters. Remember the rise of ‘hair styled by Rihanna’ among females she went blonde they all followed, she went red they followed; yet they claim to be trendsetters. Are we a generation of sheep?  Hahaha I suspect the television has a lot to do with our generation failing dismally to be independent thinkers. What I mean by independent thinkers is creating your own tune, instead of dancing to the melodies of others. When was the last time you utilized your imagination, read a book and created your own characters or visited ‘Paris’ or ‘Nigeria’ through imagination. We need to stop chasing uniqueness for a moment and live a little.

Enjoy the moment, live life not to impress others or to impose your uniqueness on others. If you are truly unique you don’t even feel the need to tell the entire world you are unique. The stars at night are not threatened by the light the moon reflects because they understand they are unique; therefore they do not need to compete with the moon in terms of reflecting light. I am also not saying I've not been a victim of wanting to let the galaxy know I am unique. I recently did ‘Fade-Haircut’ that’s the current trend among males.

Refrain from wanting to fit in and I am not saying you were born to stand out because again if we all stood out than standing out would become the new norm. As I conclude what I have come to realize is that we have a skewed definition of what uniqueness is; with our generation uniqueness is more like being able to compete with others and being part of the trend.