Vodacom Scam check your bank statement!!!

I just got scammed 3 days ago!

I called Vodacom because after my usual debit order had gone off, another debit order went off on the 29th August for R738. I called Vodacom to query it and they said that there is no such amount that went off my account. They suggested the problem is at my bank(FNB).

5 min later, they called back and told me that they found an entire corporate contract agreement opened up under my ID number with my bank details. And this has been open for 2 months. The first transaction went unnoticed because it was only       R52, but the 2nd was big enough for a sms to be sent to my phone.

I was advised to write an affidavit and to request my money back and to block the account, but good night people…How did they get my ID number, How did they get my bank details, How did they get my signature, how did Vodacom not see that the picture in the id does not match whoever is opening the account, how did this slide so easily through all of Vodacom’s security checks and criteria???

And if they have my bank details, then don’t they also have my marital status, my residential address, etc. etc. etc. Do I now have to go and change my banking details and then go through the hassle of changing those details with all the relevant subscription bodies like DSTV, Virgin Active, etc etc etc.???