We are nine days away from justice

By: Nosipho Ntombela

We all have been waiting impatiently for this month, not because it is a new season of spring, or an Arbor week mouth. It is simply because in this month we will know if “our” Paralympic gold medalist will be found guilty or not guilty for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

I think it is about time we wrap up this chapter. Thanks to Judge Thokozile Masipa for announcing the 11th of September as a day when we are all going to find out if there is still justice or not in South Africa. I thank God I was not a judge because this case would have not took so long, I would have found Oscar guilty long time ago.  

Maybe I do not understand law but let the truth be told, he did kill Reeva, and he knew it was Reeva he was killing. I do not buy his version of the story. You can never ever mistake your girlfriend for an intruder, especially the girlfriend you claim to love.  Shoot me if you like but this is straight forward, at least for me it is.

Let’s say you are sleeping with your girlfriend, then wake up hearing things, yes! It is no secret that we all do panic, however I know that the first thing you will do is check if your woman is with you or if it’s her making that noise. You can agree or disagree with me on this, but you know the first thing you will do is not to fire shots around.

We can try and explain what happened or even convince one another how it might have happened but the truth is Reeva is dead and Oscar killed her.  Let us not forget that he did admit to shooting her even though he said he did not know it was her. Oscar must go to jail for killing Reeva. 

Then again he might still go free, we live in South Africa where anything is possible.  We live in South Africa where murders are walking free on our streets and those who have stolen apples are rotting in jail. I will not be surprised if Oscar wins this case. Do not be surprised if he wins it. I ask myself why has this case took so much time, is it because it’s Oscar Pistorius and he has money or they just wanted to make sure the case is fair? Either way nine days from now the truth will be known.