What defines a female leader?

What defines a female leader?

“A leader gets things done.  A leader is able to identify opportunities and make use of them.  A leader is not discouraged whey they get criticised”, says Ntombi Ngidi who is a leader herself occupying a high portfolio in entrepreneurship. 

Ngidi in the Chief Operations Officer at Phumelela Business Consultants, and she holds a Master’s degree in business administration which she obtained in Australia.  Softly spoken she shared: “I grew up in Umlazi and I am a former teacher, I taught in High school for a while and later became HOD for three years before I decided to embark into entrepreneurship”.

Leadership amongst women used to be alien prior 1994 because women were prohibited to explore avenues such as entrepreneurship amongst others.  But after democracy started reigning in the South African home soil, a new dawn manifested for women who were hungry for success and independence.

“A lot has been done within this past 20 years of democracy because black women are now exposed to opportunities that were not there prior to 1994.  The BEE which was reserved for black women brought about big change to aspiring entrepreneurs, it played an essential role when it was finally introduced and it allowed women who were business driven to pursue big deals with Telkom as well as Eskom”, Ngid said.

Furthermore Ngidi emphasised that there is plenty of opportunities that have been created for black women out there, all that needs to be done is for women to go out there and make things happen for themselves because that is what ‘leaders’ know best.  “If you sit back and relax nothing will be served to you on a silver platter”, she said.

However being a woman who is in leadership may not be easy because there are times when a woman needs to raid a balance between being a wife and or a mother who also needs to pay heed to her household responsibilities.  “When I am at home I make sure that I forget about office work and I focus on spending time with my husband, and fortunate enough my husband is as busy as I am but we always make sure that we make time to bond as a couple”,  said Ngidi.

The Chairperson of the United Nations Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma is a female leader whom Ngidi took the pride to reflect upon and expressed that she inspires her in many ways than one.  “She always leaves a mark in whatever position she holds, she made remarkable changes when she headed Home Affairs, and she has always done exceptionally in every position she has headed including the United Nations, she is the kind of leader that society cannot stop learning from”, added Ngidi.

Moreover being a leader may be easier said than done merely because when you lead people you have to comprehend that it is not about you, but about the people you are serving.  “Ayanda Dlodlo-the Deputy Minister of Public Service is also a phenomenal woman, and she is a selfless and inspiring leader in her own right.  I was touched when I heard her sharing her experiences about life in exile and whenever I see her speaking on the media she makes sense, I always learn something new from her”, expressed Ngidi.

“Success is empowering, inspiring, motivating and can wear a skirt in the boardroom.  Be who you are destined to be, a female leader”, from Destiny Magazine.