What is Anarchy

The recent groundbreaking of the EFF in parliament is an indicator of a suppressed South Africa. When the ANC took over as government South Africans were full of hope, that there will be a new beginning but instead Anarchy prevailed.
Anarchy is a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems. 
The ANC is above the laws of these country. An immediate investigation must be launched to find out how much wealth Politicians have? The ANC has been playing along with the DA pretending as if there was opposition. The ANC favours the few wealthy and so is the DA. 
Organisations such as AZAPO are simply not as vocal as they are supposed to be. Mainly because Nelson Mandela brought ideals that made their ideals weaker at the time. Now we can all see that these ideals were mainly put there to protect the interest of the few wealthy. 

Is it not Anarchy when the Public Protectors's report indicated that the President must pay back some of the money and the President decides no to pay back at all but instead wastes more money on useless investigations just to escape the fact that he has to pay back some of the money.
Is it not Anarchy when Cyril Ramaphosa put pressure on government to act on the Marikana Strike that ended up in the death of 34 miners. Is it not anarchy when the Gupta landed at 
Is it not Anarchy when so much wasteful expenditure of billions disappearing each year, whilst the majority still do no t have access to water. Is it not Anarchy when Politicians are getting richer and richer when the masses are unemployed and poor.
Is it not Anarchy when the President of the Republic of South Africa spends an amount equals to 95 Years of his annual Salary?Is it Anarchy when CIC Julius Malema asks President Zuma to account, by simply giving us a date or indication of an arrangement of when he is going to pay back? 
Majaji is an Amateur Political Analyst.