What motivates Atheism?

It would not be right to put all atheists into the same pool as if they were all cut from the same cloth. Each has his or her own individuality and story.

Some atheists believe that there is a God, just that he is entirely irrelevant because he is distant.

Others do not believe that there is a God at all and necessarily reject all forms of non-observable matter.

While others generally dislike the God who they know is out there. These often cannot reconcile what they perceive to be reality and what they have experienced and can see in the world with what people say of God(God = good, reality = bad). So they believe in his existence but prefer independence because they deem him/her/it unworthy of allegiance/attention.

Those are 3 of many more different pools that I have come across in my experience.

Some atheists arrived at that place as a result of “being enlightened” – strange at best! Only because enlightenment does not happen post rejecting God. Enlightenment has got nothing to do with a given disposition on God. Einstein was enlightened and firmly believed in the Designer of the Universe. He even went so far as to mock Christians for how small they presumed God to be. Look, If you thick you thick...If you bright, you are bright, Believer or not. Your faculty of Thought and reason is not upgraded or adjusted or modified or improved once you reject the notion of God. This is why I suppose it is strange to claim enlightenment as the reason, the real reason why we do not believe, or believe but do not like. Nonsensical.

Some atheists arrived at where they are because of Christians. This is even stranger than the enlightenment argument and a display of ignorance. How can you make a call on the movie “The dark knight rises” based on the fact that Nu metro’s Coke was flat? Is that not stupid? How can you disqualify yourself from God when God has not given you a reason to turn away? Are Christians hypocrites…Yes, we are, just like you! Are Christians full of error, imperfection and sin, yes we are, which is why we are Christians, are Christians a poor reflection of the Glory of God? Yes we are. Are Christians an ugly representation and unworthy ambassadors of an infinitely beautiful God? Yes, but of course we are… but is this sufficient reason to throw in the towel on God because Christians make mistakes? Even Julius Malema has enough “enlightenment” to know that you cannot assume that Usain Bolt is slow because his nephew is fat. Nonsensical

Some atheists arrived at where they are because of their personal experience with church. They grew up “Christian”, culturally that is. And as they got older and everything around them just suggested that the whole God thing is actually very restricting in life and actually not necessary that they gradually de prioritised it. It is not that they had a violent reaction to God, or rejected him and developed an Anti-God posture in all of life…No, not at all. Life just got busy, we got an education, we got a social life, we got a girl, we got a job, we got stuff, we got money, we got more stuff, we got married maybe, kids maybe and life went on with seemingly no consequence for neglecting God and restricting him to the sphere of the conscience + church attendance during Christmas and Easter. They would also always believe that when they are older and have some few things down done and dusted that they will then “return home” and make right their standing with God. Ironically as we all know, life happens too fast for us all and by the time the holiday house is purchased it is simply too late now to bother with the whole God saga. We’ll just see out the 12 rounds and hope the judges score cards is favourable.

Other atheists of a more vocal, outspoken and aggressive nature actively disbelieve either because they do not like him, or because they do not like Christians, or because they do not like Muslims, or because of a specific and personal experience that happened to them which they use as “God goggles” through which they interpret all of life as God’s fault and stupid Christian and “why would a good God allow so much suffering?” and other such “If God exists, then why…”  type of questions. Their only resort to maintain any kind of intellectual integrity is to resort to the fact that he does not exist. We have no proof of him, etc etc etc. Ironically, these militant types are more closer to God than some Christians in that they are more God conscience than most people. They spend a lot of time thinking about God and how he cannot possibly exist and why he cannot possibly exist. I am always amazed at how active and willing and present they are in their comments here on news24…ignore what they say, it is often of a negative nature and unreadable to anyone younger than 18, sometimes 21, but do not ignore how invested they are in what they say, the passion, the intensity, the resolve, the desperation, the need to comment and say something, anything….I find it so amusing not even as a Christian, but as a human being because, if I really believed that God is not, if I really at the bottom of my heart believed that God does not exist, never did exist or that God does exist but he is bad or dead or disinterested in us or whatever the case may be, if I sincerely from my heart believed that….I would never ever bother to even read or notice or remember anything remotely close to the subject. I’ll give a simple example…

I do not watch “Game of thrones” anymore… I use to watch it, but it fell out of favour with me. When my friends speak of it, I find myself entirely disinterested and try to change the subject. I do not know what happened, I do not know that characters names and stories….after they killed off Khal Drogo, they killed my motive to watch, so now, I am completely divorced to Game of thrones. You would have to pay me to comment on it! You would have to pay me to watch an episode…. It is dead to me. Yet, here on news24, I see an empire, a fraternity of so called atheists who are more involved in the subject of God than Christians. I do not understand. There are so many articles written on news24 of which I might read about 5 per day if that even. How is it that they find these Christian/pro God articles and come and host an online conference in the comments section.

And the worst thing is that these articles are like hidden, you have to look for them in the Mynews section. They have never ever made a headline here on news24. Never been on the front page. Nonetheless, they are often the most popular. It only gives Christians assurance that God is still at work and there is much more work to be done.

Make it rain….