What one can do with R246m

 At has been said and or written about the R 246 million that has been spent on the private residence of the President of our country in Nkandla, but on a lighter note, let us consider what could have been done with the money, had it not been spent in this ‘irregular and unlawful manner!’

·         A child can be fed for one month costing R30, so 8,2 million children could have been fed for a month;

·         Antiretroviral treatment cost R 113 per month, so 2 176 991 HIV positive citizens of the country, could have been treated for a month;

·         Seventeen schools, equipped with a library, science laboratory and tanks for fresh water, could have been built;

·         Aid to 2,46 million people that are victims of rape, could have received counseling that costs R 100.00 per person per month;

·         1 581 nurses could have been paid for a year where a nurse earns R 155 557 per year;

·         1 328 recently qualified teachers could have been paid for a year, where a recently qualified teacher earns R 185 184 per year;

·         69 589 15GB-iPads could have been supplied to learners in school with each iPad costing R 3 535;

·         2 894 RDP houses would have been built, where a house is estimated to cost R 85 000;

·         The first year study of:

o    6 588 BSc students (average R 37 340 per student per year);

o    8 044 BA students (average R 30 580 per student per year);

o    6 577 BCom students (average R 37 400 per student per year)

could have been paid for;

·         1 863 SAPS officers could have been paid for a year, where a SAPS member earns R 131 999 per year;

But now, all of this R 246 million went to one person and his family, where it could have had and made a dramatic impact on the lives of many more – how selfish can one person be!!! ***********