What technologies came from "God(s)"?

What contributions to modern societies came from the "God(s)"?
1. Praying to the God(s).2. I don't know if the God(s) contributed to any modern medical knowledge or prosedures. I can't find any reference in the Bible or Quran of any treatments for sicknesses like cancer, HIV or other health issues.3. I can't find in either the Bible or Quran any references to modern technologies we are using currently. These Holy Books knows nothing of electricity, computers, cars, nuclear weapons, aeroplanes and the list can be extended with millions of things.4. Maybe religious people can tell me what technologies and modern medicine were contributed to us by the "God(s)". Please feel free to quote from your Holy Books. I really want to see what contributions the "God(s) made to modern society except praying.5. After thinking about this I just wonder what other people think this question. This is not a debate. It is just a few simple questions to answer.