When Oscar Pistorius goes to prison.

Oscar Pistorius is due for his verdict and sentencing on 11 September 2014. This is after a lengthy trial since March 2014. After millions of rand spent on his defense, countless witnesses and arguments, his fate will be known soon.

It seems impossible he will not be found guilty and receive some sort of prison time. Although going to prison will be in total contrast to the life he is used to living, here are some of the positives he will experience there and help him build himself as a better man to himself and to society.

He will be unable to shoot a gun by mistake in the canteen as he will have no access to guns and his fellow patrons might not be so understanding of his famous personality should a situation like occur.

He will have a difficult time convincing the judge he thought there was an intruder, that is why he was trying to escape. He cannot use the defense that he is scared of criminals – he is one now.

He can change his chosen profession and play a team sport, like soccer and maybe even be the goalie considering he is a double amputee. Soccer is well known for match fixing, so perhaps he should use his millions wisely in this regard!

The biggest plus for himself and anyone around him, there will NOT be any toilet doors. So anything he hears will not be his imagination. When he is angry with someone, he cannot use the defense of a door to justify his murderous antics.

All is not lost for Oscar on the love front. He will still be able to access his adoring fans and potential love interests with numerous inmate dating sites. This will lift his spirits and provide him with the opportunity to plan who he is going to kill next.