When will Palestine have a break?

Now I can completely understand why the Israelis feel the need to defend themselves in Gaza, however the wanton destruction of civilians cannot possibly be justified under any circumstances.

Surely after the atrocities of World War II Jewish people can understand what it is like to be persecuted and murdered. I find it completely unbelievable that they are inflicting the same brutalities upon the Palestinian people.

I recently watched television programme from the BBC which talked about how the Jewish religion produced the people that had a strong relationship with the land and that the Islamic and Christian religions did not have the same tie. Given the historical relationship of Judaism with Palestine this is understandable, but the brutality inflicted at present is not.

While I do not condone terrorism in any form, one can understand the frustrations of the Palestinian people living under an oppressive regime that limits food imports, freedom of movement and even the right to live.

Hamas themselves are a bunch of extremists and while there were voted in by the Palestinian people I'm sure they are not representative of everyone there. The limitations that are placed upon the Palestinian people would surely be enough to drive anybody to support such a radical organisation Hamas.