When you become a case number

When you (customer) become a case number EXEC 2014006872/MNG  ... you must know it is bad!! Ask me ... I have had a horrid,  disgraceful  experience with South African Airways (SAA) who in  co-chair with LUFTHANSA  – actually the more guilty party if you ask me  – threw me off a connecting flight to Frankfurt from Gothenburg , Sweden on 13 June 2014 because “I was a no show passenger on the inbound flight … but as I argued here I stand in physical presence before you with a valid past boarding ticket of the previous flight ... to be told ... the system says …. “!! Have we humans become 000 111 0110 digits!!

In brief,  I then had  to purchase a new ticket  ... no assistance was offered from Lufthansa who abdicated their responsibility to SAS (Scandinavian Airways) who did phone Lufthansa  but firmly told ... swee cann do noooothinggg !!  To this day I am still awaiting a refund!!  

Fellow  travellers  beware of SAA, especially LUFTHANSA – YOU ARE NOT A CUSTOMER BUT A CASE NUMBER!  

Prof LP Kruger (Business Management)