Women’s month: the different between women of 1956 and women of 2014

Everybody is worried about how to show gratitude to women in their lives during this month of women’s month. But I think the worry should be upon how we show gratitude and love to owners and managers of N.G.Os who are women together with women who are volunteers in good causes in their communities. For most, they do all go an extra mile in volunteering with nothing but love and they in return get no stipend.Women’s month in South Africa is recognized because of a courageous group of women who diversified themselves in unity and marched to union buildings in fight against the apartheid era. Now I just want you to pay attention on, “diversified themselves in unity” since we paying homage to those courageous women it’s quite necessary to remind each other how they overcame their struggles. They were united against the struggles of 1956, race, finance and distance was no factor stopping them because they were driven by love and courage.Women today are not unified in anything or against anything. Back then, race was the only factor causing estrangement amongst women. Now it’s not just race, its pride, financial segregation and a huge lack of courage. With this huge division, women are not fighting the fight they notoriously known to be fighting; the fight of enforcing harmony in our society and the fight of ensuring children from all walks of life get a reasonable amount of love.  It’s sadly discouraging to see women in informal settlements and in rural areas fighting their own battles by themselves. In such cases, they ought to lose the battle flatly because they lack resources, information, guidance and solidarity in fighting their struggle.
The best gift and the best way to show gratitude to such women is to get all women to partake in fight against other women’s struggle regardless of race, distance and finance. Above it all, the solution for today’s struggle hinges on women’s courage. That’s just all, women need to be united and courageous like never before. http://izanokhanyo.blogspot.com/2014_08_01_archive.html