You are valuable

A preacher ascended to the stage, took out a chewing gum from his pocket and started chewing it. After a minute he spit it onto the floor, stepped on it and asked the crowd: ''Who wants this chewing gum?'' No one replied nor showed interest. He then took out a R100 note and used it to wipe his sweat, folded it carelessly and put it on the ground and stepped on it. After about a minute, he picked it up and asked the same crowd: ''Who wants this R100 note?''  All members of the congregation raised their hands, showing extreme interest in the R100 note.

The preacher then asked: What does this scenario tell us? The scenario demonstrates that a human being is like a bank note, no matter how many times it has been used, a bank note never loses its value.

There are many people who have given up on themselves simply because they have been through a lot of hardships.These are the people who have forgotten that a person's greatest victory does not lie in never falling, but in rising after every fall. It doesn't matter how long you have gone on that wrong road, it doesn't matter how many times you have been exposed to the brutal side of life, you can still make it.

We all have to go through being a tumbler before we can become a glass. Never give up in life, because no matter how many times you have failed or have been rejected, you are still valuable. Let us all acknowledge that we are like a banknote, it doesn't matter how many times we have been used, our value has never depreciated, and it never will.