Your God still has many good surprises for you!

David thought his future will depend on the sheep. He had risked his life to fight the bear and the lion to protect what he thought was the only family heirloom. His father thought that royalty was the destiny of others. Yet God had another plan for him and his family. Who could believe that the poor Jesse will be the father of the future king of Israel? Who could see the kingdom in David's life? You also you do not know what God is preparing for you tomorrow. Do not undermine yourself, do not limit yourself, the story of your life is not yet complete! You will not continue to stay forever in the same situation you're going through today! The visitation of God's blessing will change your name and the name of your family! Keep your faith and continue to love God! Many good surprises are ahead! Psalm 113:5-9, Proverbs 8:14-21, Romains 8:28-32.