Your mother tongue first

LANGUAGE is a powerful tool in the development and recognition of an individual or a particular group of people. We need to realise that without respecting the value and importance of our indigenous languages, we are not going anywhere. 

With your language you can make a beautiful living for yourself and have a lifestyle you never thought to be possible before. But people consider English as the only language that can bring them a nice lifestyle and greener pastures in their lives. 

English is just a bonus and it will be difficult for us to learn it if we don’t know our own languages well. Our mother tongue is the most important fundamental tool that can lead us to be perfect speakers of English. 

Let’s place African languages first before any other language.We must know that being able to write and speak English is just a bonus. 

There are many people out there who are rich and living healthy lifestyles due to having made use of their own languages. And I am one of them. English is only a medium of instruction, but not necessarily the tool to a good lifestyle. 

You can still suffer, even if you know English 100%. So let’s stop fooling ourselves and promote our own languages.