Race and politics

2011-04-04 09:11 It is understandable that we see more and more articles on politics in the headlines, as well as user articles, seeing that the elections are creeping ever closer. But, it seems to me that a lot of the "writers" are completely missing the point.

For some reason, we see a whole lot of people that are still applying race to their political affiliations. Yes, South Africa does have a chequered past when it comes to this subject, but why must it still remain an issue?

That said I know that it will always remain an issue. Unfortunately, that is how many South Africans have been 'hardwired' and others "brainwashed".

A lot of people's logic in determining a vote seems rather illogical to me. The whole point of the democracy is to have every voice heard, but why would people keep voting for something/someone that are repeatedly causing them pain and misery? If you have a voice, why not use it to better your situation and living standards?

The reason is quite simple, actually. It all comes down to race. Race, it seems, is a more important variable in deciding a vote than ability to govern.

I'm not trying to point fingers or implicate any person/party that is just my observation from the other stories I have read.

I dream of a South Africa where these monumental decisions can be made along lines of service delivery, prevention of crime, basic human rights and job creation (not to mention eradication of corruption), rather along racial lines. Alas, I fear this will not happen any time soon.

The ability to govern should be our primary concern, whether a person is black, coloured, white, pink, blue or magenta. I have changed my vote once before, because I was unhappy with the way my party was conducting itself. And I will do it again, if my current vote seems to be squandered into the abyss of mismanagement.

Seventeen years is long time. Lives don't change overnight, but it is time to let go of hate. Let go of resentment. Be willing to step down from your coloured, white or black pedestal and think of the greater good. Think of your children. Think of your country.

The fact of the matter is, I love this wonderful country of ours, and would hate for it to keep on the downward spiral it is currently on. I keep an optimistic outlook. I think South Africans can still surprise each other, and surprise themselves.

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