Youth need to concentrate on their own qualifications

In the midst of the revelation of Pallo Jordan and his ‘misqualifications’ and his decision to resign from both Parliament and the National Executive Committee of the ANC, it is interesting to see how many young people have jumped onto the bandwagon of those attempting to make him a laughing stock of society.

Well what should be reason for concern is that the majority of these young people that are trying to humiliate him don’t even hold a matric certificate.

They spend the majority or their time on social media rather than to focus on their own personal development. It needs to be pointed out that there is inherently nothing wrong with visiting social media, but it is a big problem when we spent the majority of our time on social media than focusing on books.

Nelson Mandela once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” It is therefore against this background that we should encourage the young people to take education seriously because, without it, one cannot even begin to imagine a better South Africa. One can say this because young people – and young people alone – are the future of this country.

We should also learn from the many sagas of ‘misqualifications’ and misrepresentations of academic credentials in regard to SABC boss Hlaudi Motsoeneneng and of course the recent case of Palo Jordan. We must also bear in mind that these are not the only sags that relate to academic credential, there are many out there.

Young people should therefore be encouraged to focus more on their studies not only to develop themselves but also society at large. This is a very crucial time of the year when many tertiary institutions are about to close, if they have not closed already for the 2015 intake.

Young people should use the remaining weeks to apply to these institutions and focus on finishing their matric and stop mimicking others.

We cannot allow a situation where the youth spend time celebrating and making the likes of Jordan a laughing stock in social media while they have their own academic commitments to deal with. The world is ours and ours alone, but is we fail to seize the opportunities given to us, then we are doomed for failure.