24.com update

As part of a global e-commerce, media and classifieds business 24.com is very aware of worldwide trends in data protection and data usage, as well as consumer concerns around privacy and protection of personal information.
To ensure that we are complying not just with local and international legislation, but also with what we believe to be in the best interests of our clients and consumers – who  we consider to be critical shareholders in our success – we will be reviewing all our data collection and management policies as well as the vendors that supply them.
During this review period, which should last no longer than a few weeks, our audience data will not be compiled and submitted to the Effective Measure dashboard. This, however, may lead to some issues in building out comparison data sets for our products or other elements of audience analysis for the broader market for which we apologise in advance.
Effective Measure is the IAB SA approved vendor to provide audience measurement services to the South Africa digital publishing industry. 24.com remains fully committed to the IAB SA in its mission to build a strong and viable eco-system for media owners that supports a broad stream of media-related businesses.