News24wire off to a flying start

Launched on 1 April 2015, News24Wire’s national team have produced running coverage on a number of breaking news stories, scooped exclusive interviews and published their first investigative piece in its first week of operation.

 “News24Wire’s reports have been widely used by clients trialling our service,” says Editor-in-Chief, Andrew Trench.

“We produced more than 550 (mostly domestic) news, sport, business and entertainment stories in the first week.”

“77 registrants have been contracted and we have 37 signed and activated users, including Bloomberg.  We are very pleased with the first week’s results,” says Bruce Stewart, CEO from Gallo Images who are managing the syndication for News24Wire.

The service also highlighted News24’s reach into the rest of Africa with running coverage of the terror attack on students in Garissa, Kenya by on-the-ground correspondent Victor Tinto shortly after news of the attacks broke.

“Another one of our top reads were the highly controversial comments about foreign nationals made by President Zuma’s son, Edward,” says Trench, “this was an exclusive interview given to News24 and is an example of the type of content that dozens of digital publishers have signed up for via our free digital news feed.”

The first investigative piece revealed how an adviser to the KZN health department had been paid R15m – and was earning more each month than the president.  Investigative reports are set to be a differentiating feature of the News24Wire.

In this first month, the reports are augmented by 20 articles a day from the international news wire DPA, with reports featured on radio bulletins and mainstream news websites.

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