Sport24’s content producer beats the odds

Wade Pretorius, Content Producer at Sport24, has proven again how much of a sports guru he really is by winning his second title in the Global League of SuperBru’s English Premiership competition.  Superbru is an online sports prediction and fantasy game played by over 880 000 sports fans.

The win took Wade to the UK to watch a game at Old Trafford – a dream come true for any footy fan. Wade’s success is also a win for Sports24 and proves that the brand definitely does have the best content team in the game.

Pretorius’s knowledge doesn’t stop at football.  He plays in almost all the sports that SuperBru offers including golf, cricket, rugby, rugby sevens, and the NFL competitions; where he has enjoyed over 30 finishes in the Top 10% or better. In order to be this successful, Wade has to have an unrivalled knowledge of sports. “I try to watch as many games as possible and make sure that I know everything I can about the teams playing. This includes the team’s form, any injuries players may have as well as looking at recent trends or historical facts about certain games,” says Wade.

“While that’s my main strategy for the competition, it’s obviously a big advantage for my career as well.  It’s always great knowing that I am able to give valuable insight into the various sports and provide meaningful content to our readers, who are just as passionate about sport as I am,” adds Pretorius.

Wade’s SuperBru CV includes playing 176 tournaments in 720 pools and has 12 457 SuperBru “caps”.  He won the Global English Premiership competition in 2009/2010 and again in 2013/14, and in the first half of the current season he beat 62 other journalists to win an English Premiership media-only competition.

“It’s a great achievement for Wade and we’re fortunate to have such high calibre content producers on our team. Wade’s in-depth knowledge into such a vast array of sports provides us with an invaluable resource for our readers,” says Garrin Lambley, Sport24 Editor. “Perhaps Wade’s proven SuperBru success could provide our readers with tips for their own SuperBru pools –  our readers are just as passionate about sport as our staff!” adds Lambley.