Service Charges and Payment

7.1 You will be charged for this Service on a pay per use basis, in other words, each order for Mobile Content will constitute a separate transaction for which you will be charged separately.

7.2 You will be charged for the Mobile Content itself, notifications and access provided by the Wireless Application Service Provider, or Internet Service Provider, as the case may be, and for the transmission of the Mobile Content via the network of the applicable Mobile Network Operator.
7.3 The Mobile Network Operators will charge for the transmission of the Mobile Content at standard Mobile Network Operators rates. Free minutes do not apply. 
7.4 Mobile Network Operator premium rates are charged for each SMS (including VAT) sent to a Mobile Network Operator.
7.5 All the charges referred to in clause 7.2 above will be recovered from you by your Mobile Network Operator. 
7.6 You are liable for payment of these charges to the Mobile Network Operator and by making use of this Service you indemnify us against all claims, charges, costs or damages which the Mobile Network Operator may incur or suffer as a result of your failure to timeously pay any charges due to your Mobile Network Operator.
7.7 You will be charged for the Mobile Content and transmission thereof, irrespective of whether the Mobile Content reaches your handset or not.
7.8 If your handset is switched off, out of range, or incompatible with the Service, there is a possibility that the Mobile Content will not reach your handset.  We will under no circumstances whatsoever be liable to you or any other party in respect of any claims, losses, costs or damages of whatsoever nature which results from the non-delivery of Mobile Content or from any interruption or unavailability of the Service.