Use of Services

6.1 You will only be able to use the Services:-

6.1.1 If you have a subscriber contract or a pay-as-you-go facility with a South African based Mobile Network Operator. 
6.1.2 In the event that you are under the age of 18, and require access to Children’s Services, or any other Mobile Content, you will only be able to use the Service with the consent of your parent or guardian, and with the consent of the person who is responsible for the payment of your airtime to the a Mobile Network Operator concerned.
6.1.3 It lies within our discretion to refuse a request for Mobile Content or Services.
6.2 You will at your own cost acquire and maintain such:-
6.2.1 personal computer, mobile handset, hardware, software, communication lines or any other device ; and
6.2.2 network or Internet access, as may be necessary to use our Services.

6.3 You will ensure that your personal computer, mobile handset, other communications equipment and software are compatible with the Service concerned before using the Service (e.g. to download polyphonics, images and TruTones you must have a WAP enabled handset).
6.4 Mobile Network Operators may not have key coverage in all areas. We are dependant on the Mobile Network Operators for the transmission of the Mobile Content to you and are limited to their coverage maps. You should therefore ensure that the area in which you find yourself has the required network coverage before you make use of the Service.