Man dies while trying to eat 50 eggs for a bet

A man has died after eating 41 eggs as part of a bet with a friend.

Subhash Yadav from Uttar Pradesh in India was visiting a market with a friend to eat raw eggs, Daily Mail reports.

The pair then had an argument and decided to settle it by competing to eat 50 eggs in one go, with the winner getting R400.

Subhash was eating his 42nd egg when he suddenly collapsed and fell unconscious, The Sun reports.

He was then rushed to hospital but was later declared dead.

Medics believe the 42-year-old died from overeating, Mirror reports.

Subhash got remarried nine months ago and had four children, with a fifth on the way.

His family have yet to comment on the incident.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun, Mirror News