Teen faces five years for jumping on police car as a prank

What started off as a playful dare could see this teen spend five years behind bars.  

A teenager from Ukraine jumped onto the bonnet of a police car with the cops inside and sprinted over it before running away.

The daring incident, which was recorded on a smartphone by the youngster’s friend, could result in the teen possibly facing five years in prison.

In the clip the unnamed 19-year-old first crosses the road and walks towards a parked police vehicle.

He then quickly turns, jumps onto the bonnet and runs over the roof of the car.

He then sprints away as the police car sirens come on and the officers drive after the teen. He was later apprehended.

Police have initiated an investigation and the young man might either be fined, be held in custody for six months or even face five years in prison.


Sources: Magazine Features