A Mandela Day treat

ON Mandela Day, the children of Sakhisizwe Day Care Centre were treated to a day full of fun and excitement thanks to the Vincit Omnia Veritas (VOV) Trust.

The trust was joined on the day by Sapphire Coast Tourism, Clean Surf Project and Amanzimtoti Fever, who helped make the day a success.

Having previously worked with both Clean Surf Project and Sapphire Coast Tourism, VOV trust invited both organisations to join in with their initiative for Mandela Day, which focused on the theme of recycling. Toys were made out of recycled plastic; a presentation was conducted by Clean Surf Project, and a meal and snacks were provided by Giselle’s Kitchen.

Speaking on why the Sakhisizwe Day Care Centre was chosen, cofounder of VOV Trust Zeele Pauw said: “For the past 20 years, we have collaborated closely with community leaders in the area and, specifically, one very prominent and proactive community leader. It was he that introduced us to the owners of the Sakhisizwe Crèche and Day Care Centre some three years ago. Within our limited means, over time we gradually started to upgrade the facilities, in consultation with Moses Msomi and his wife Cindy Msomi, and managed to get some corporate sponsors on board with regards to paint, tile donations, etc.”

“We can affirm that the vision is to put a facility in place, eventually also with educational tools, to produce and enable these children to access proper feeder schools and eventually tertiary education. It is a long term, 20-year plus project which hopefully will leave a legacy and produce achievers that can and will contribute to South African society,” added Pauw.

Speaking on other work they’ve done, Pauw said, “Myself and my husband Jan have been involved for the last 25 years in various activities relating to our community at large, inclusive of underprivileged people and children (in particular), the aged, upgrading our environment as well as addressing environmental issues in various shapes and forms.

“Most of our efforts and contributions have been self-funded over the years, and the scope of work and the level of involvement that the various projects have involved have led us to formulize a community trust so as to create a vehicle for the broader public to get on board and also assist with various projects within the various locations and/or field of interest,” Pauw said.