Your comments — car guards in the ‘firing line’

Thank you for the interesting read, “Car guards Amanzimtoti Fever” on August 1.

To my understanding, the customer parking bays belong to the centres, the guards are not employed by the centres however don’t mind the guards, why should the guards pay R25 per day to a company? Are the guards employed by this company?


In regards to your article in the Amanzimtoti Fever about car guards. Although I realize that they do it to support themselves/families I don’t think it would make any difference to a vehicle being stolen.

I have noticed that they help with shopping into your car, help with people reversing their vehicle out of a parking space, taking the shopping trolley to the designated areas, and therefore do this in the hope of a tip, and in doing this are letting their guard down and not watching for suspicious circumstances.

If I gave one Rand every time I went to a car park, sometimes three in one day, by the end of the month those Rands add up to a fair amount and I’m a pensioner.

There have been many times I have tipped but before I do I ask the guard which is my vehicle, nine times out of ten they don’t know because when I park they are doing one of the things I mentioned above.Anyway, my vehicle has anti-theft system fitted and is insured.

So those who give, I think, do more so with compassion than thinking a guard will prevent a vehicle being stolen etc. I “DO” sometimes tip depending on location and then “IF” the guard acknowledges me. Otherwise it would be down to my insurance company to sort it out.

Thanks for offering the public to comment, interesting article.


Thanks for your article in the media about these car guards.

Firstly, I must admit that I do have feelings for these car guards. Remember they have a life as well. I do tip them quite often.

However I have come across some very arrogant ones where they actually demand monies from us for which I do not respect.

When, in some instances, we as patrons of the shopping malls have no change available, they become very aggressive.

However again I say there are some intelligent and respectful car guards as well and I understand the situation.

The big question (understanding the unemployment crisis), someone out there should actually look at forming a body to recruit these car guards and actually registering them with an employing agency, and speak to the relevant stakeholders in the area to contribute a fee to this body to run the car guard industry legally and legitimately. Provide them with uniforms and also check out their credentials before engaging them.

I trust that this could be a solution to sort this situation out in the future.


So far as I know all the car guards must have their SOB registration


I think car guards are very unfairly treated by these companies that they pay to have work (which is extortion in my mind) and by patrons. I personally think that centres need to employ car guards. They are a good deterrent in some cases — other cases not so much, because no criminal is going to feel intimidated by a drunk/high car guard.


Syndicates pay car guards to get tips on when what vehicle will be available and for how long.

If it is your car being stolen, the car guard gets paid by the syndicate to pull up his shoulders and give you your registration number. It is organised begging and a lookout position in car theft syndicates